Welcome to the Woodberry Market blog! 

             For me, it’s totally normal to go to my “real” job during the day and work on my shop all night. Working two jobs can be tiring, but when you love what you do.. you don't mind! Taking apart abandoned pallets, cutting and sanding, staining and painting are all part of my daily routine now. Starting as some DIY projects for my wedding and turning it into selling my ideas online is a dream come true. I’ve been selling on etsy now for a year, first starting with only dog creations and now moving into home and wedding décor. I am trying to test my limits, and see what I am capable of. I never would have thought today I would be putting my creations out in the open for the world to see.   

How it all started

                The best part of the preparation for my wedding was brainstorming ideas, trying different crafts on Pinterest and seeing if I could do them myself. I started doing something I never thought of doing before. I have done DIY projects but none that needed power tools! I knew I was really serious when my birthday and Christmas rolled around I asked my family for home depot gift cards, Makita Drills, and a table saw. After my wedding and honeymoon my creative juices started flowing. After work or on weekends I would be sketching new ideas and creating new pieces. That's when my husband decided to create a work space for me in the basement.. I quickly grew out of the space, so he restored our shed and turned it into my very own shop!  

The future

               My product selections are based on my taste; they are things I want in my house. Products that I love to create. Im hoping, in the future, to continue pushing my limits(like starting a blog…). To create more products, and venture out into the world. More importantly I want to continue making good quality products for people all around the world. I love the thought of buyers opening up the packages I send and trying to visualize their faces when they un-wrap them. The thought of my handmade products in homes across the US is a goal that was fulfilled.

I hope you enjoyed my first blog post! I will be posting shop updates, new products, behind the scenes and DIY projects for my followers. I would love to hear your thoughts about my blog and my products below! Also let me know what DIY projects you would like to see and I will feature them in the upcoming weeks! 

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